Marriage Counseling

Are You Ready For Marriage?


Premarital counseling is practical advice given to a couple in preparation for marriage. How many couples choose their mates too quickly and then live their lives full of regret?

In order to build a strong foundation for marriage, learn as much as possible about yourself, your future mate, and God’s purpose for marriage … before you tie the knot. While children assume marriage is like a fairy tale, if you are seriously dating, you need to distinguish fact from fiction. If you believe marriage will:

  • Meet all your needs, or
  • Miraculously turn your potential marriage partner into a prince or princess,

…you’re still living in your childhood fantasyland about what marriage is.

God’s Word exhorts us to be wise about our expectations for marriage and wise about whom we let into our hearts. Premarital counseling involves teaching a couple open and honest communication in preparation for marriage.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of  life. (Proverbs 4:23)

God designed marriage to be a committed covenant relationship between a man and a woman—a sacred, sanctified relationship of mutual love lasting for a lifetime; and a Christian marriage is a covenant agreement in which a man and a woman, both committed to Jesus Christ, are legally, physically, and spiritually joined as husband and wife.